Monday, July 9, 2018

Around Lolly's Table: Seaside!

The three granddaughters spent the night this weekend and Granddaughter #2 asked if she could "set a table at Lolly's."  She's 7!  I, of course, told her she most certainly could. With minimal help from me, she selected everything from tablecloth to napkins/napkin rings, to candles.  I'm very proud of her.  And yes, she knows how to place the silverware correctly!

The dinnerware and glassware were purchased at Kohls.  The tablecloth and napkins are Food Network brand.

The napkin rings were purchased from Hobby Lobby as a wooden ring, spray painted white, and a seashell from the beach applied with the help of a hot glue gun!

And then these two guys showed up!

Take the time to get the children and grandchildren in the kitchen and dining room with you! You may be surprised at their talents.


  1. Very nice. She did a great job on this. And, only 7. Very smart girl.