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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Making Turkey Stock

When you have finished the Thanksgiving Turkey, PLEASE don't throw the turkey carcass in the trash can.  You are about to venture on a wonderful adventure if you keep it.  Let's make turkey stock!

You'll need:
8 quarts cold water
1 turkey carcass, meat removed, leaving some crisp skin if possible

Mirepoix is the French name for a combination of onions, carrots, and celery. Mirepoix, either raw, roasted or sautéed with butter, is the flavor base for a wide number of dishes, such as stocks, soups, stews and sauces. The three ingredients are commonly referred to as aromatics.

For the Mirepoix:
8 ounces onions, chopped
4 ounces celery with tops, chopped
4 ounces carrots, chopped
2 small heads garlic, cut in half horizontally

The Sachet d'spices:
1 t. or so black peppercorns, cracked
6 - 8 parsley stems, chopped
1 bay leaf
1/4 t. dried thyme leaves
1/4 t. dried tarragon leaves
1/4 t. dried oregano leaves
1/4 t. dried basil leaves
These ingredients are placed into a 4" square of cheesecloth and tied or use a metal tea ball.

Break up the turkey carcass, and chop some of the larger bones in half.  Put the carcass in the stockpot with the water and bring slowly to simmer.  Periodically skim off any scum that forms, and if you wish use a skimmer to skim off the fat.  Let this simmer for two hours.  You will be delighted at how wonderful your house smells!

Add the mirepox and sachet.  Simmer for one more hour.

Remember that during the simmering process, it's best not to stir the stock.  The end result will be much clearer if it is not agitated while simmering.

Strain thoroughly.  The best way is to ladle the stock out and pour it through a strainer which has been lined with a couple of layers of damp cheesecloth.  If you're using the stock immediately, skim off as much fat as you can with a fat skimmer or a piece of paper towel.  Otherwise, cool the stock right away by placing the container into an ice-water filled sink, stirring to bring the hot liquid from the center to the sides of the container.  Don't just put the hot stock into the refrigerator; it won't cool enough to prevent possible multiplication of harmful bacteria.  To defat the stock easily, refrigerate overnight, until the fat solidifies on the surface, then skim off.

Thanks to http://www.gumbopages.com/

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