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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fried Cornbread

There are few comfort foods I like better than hot cornbread with butter.  But sometimes there's not time to cook a large skillet of cornbread or you just simply don't need that much.  Here's a quick alternative thanks to Sweet Harold!  His very  first Fleur de Lolly recipe.  Congrats Sweet Harold!

2 cups self-rising cornmeal mix
1 1/4  cup buttermilk
1 T. melted bacon grease

Mix these ingredients well.  With a large skillet, over medium heat, spray a little non-stick spray.  Ladle out batter just like you were making pancakes.  When browned on one side, gently turn with a spatula.  Brown on other side and remove from skillet.  Top with butter and continue cooking batches until batter is all used up! 

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