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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shrimp Magazine

During our visit to New Orleans last week we enjoyed a wonderful meal with friends at Joey K's on Magazine Street. Several of the diners chose Shrimp Magazine as their meal. I thoroughly enjoyed mine and decided to attempt to recreate it at home last night. Here's my version.

8 oz. finely diced ham
1 14 oz. can artichoke hearts, quartered, drained well
1 medium bunch of green onions, washed, sliced on a thin diagonal
red pepper flakes
2 T. butter
12 oz. chicken broth or dry white wine
1 lb. large shrimp, peeled, deveined and butterflied
12 oz. angel hair pasta, cooked according to package directions

In a large skillet, add 1 T. olive oil and heat over medium heat. Add ham and cook until lightly browned, stirring occasionally. Add artichoke hearts and green onions and mix in well. I usually add about 1 t. red pepper flakes. Adjust to your taste and heat sensors. Add butter and let melt and then stir in chicken broth or wine and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and let cook until liquid is reduced by half.  Add shrimp and cook only until pink and opaque. Season with salt and pepper.

Place drained pasta in a large bowl and pour the ham/shrimp mixture over and mix well. Top with chopped parsley and parmesan cheese if desired. Divide onto individual plates.

Here's a pic of the Joey K's version. I liked mine just as well!


  1. Sounds delightful! Baking a country ham tomorrow.... sounds like dinner one night next week.... Glad that you had a fun visit, kiddo!


  2. Thanks Nan! We had a great trip. Let me know how this one turns out for you.