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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Spicy & Garlicky Dill Pickles

Years ago, I attempted to make pickles.  Several times.  They were always soft and never were crunchy.  This time, I decided to give them a 3 1/2 hour soak in pickling lime first.  I'm hopeful that this will add the "crunch" that pickles are supposed to have.  These have jalapenos and lots of garlic.  I can't wait for them to soak for a bit and then give them a try.  I will report back!

36 pickling cucumbers, washed, ends trimmed and sliced
4 cups water
1/2 cup pickling lime
14 cloves garlic, halved
1 large jalapeno, finely chopped
dried dill weed
5 cups water
4 cups pickling vinegar
1/3 cup pickling salt

In a large, enamel or glass bowl, add the 4 cups water and pickling lime.  Stir to combine and add the sliced cucumbers. Let them soak for 3 1/2 - 4 hours.

While the cucumbers are soaking, prepare the canning jars.  I used 5 wide mouth pints and 2 quart jars.  Wash and sterilize them and then add 4 halved garlic cloves for pint jars and 6 halved garlic cloves for quart jars , a little of the minced jalapeno and 1/4 t. dill weed for pint jars and 1/2 t. dill weed for quart jars.

When the soaking time is over, rinse each cucumber slice individually.  You must remove all traces of the pickling lime.  

Heat the lids and rings in simmering water and have ready to put on jars.

Gently pack each jar with the cucumber slices.  

Bring the water, vinegar and salt to a boil and remove from heat.  Slowly ladle brine over the cucumbers and using a spoon, gently press down and add a few more slices if needed.

Fill to leave about 1/2 inch head space.  Add the lids and rings and process in a boiling water bath for 20 minutes.  Carefully remove from water and let cool in a non-drafty place.

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