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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dining Out - Gulf Coast - Capt. Anderson's Panama City Beach, FL

Saturday night dinner at the perennial favorite at the beach, Capt. Anderson's.  There are several reviews of this classic seafood restaurant on the blog for good reason.  We love this restaurant.

We began with crab claws.  We had several opportunities to order crab claws during the weekend at the beach.  On the drive home, we discussed our meals and Capt. Anderson's crab claws were the hands down winner!

Sweet Harold ordered the char-grilled shrimp with a baked potato side and  salad.  These tasted as good as they looked.

Dining Companion #1 ordered the grilled scamp with a baked potato and a Greek salad.  She gave her dinner a thumbs up.

Dining Companion #2 was celebrating his birthday at the beach.  He had waited (im)patiently all day long to learn if Whole Pompano was listed as a special.  I am happy to report his got his birthday wish.  Isn't that a beautiful fish?

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