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Friday, March 27, 2015

Nuremberg Bratwurst with Kraut and German Mustards

This is an excellent "one skillet meal." 

A little back story on the sausage from Live Like a German:

Nuremberg Bratwurst - as is well known, these sausages are the smallest in Germany, if not the world: They aren't allowed to be bigger than 8 cm long, must not weigh more than 25 grams, and are, accordingly thin, too.

Their history goes back to 1313, when they were first mentioned in written form, but of course, much of their ingredients and preparation has changed.

Why the small size?
At a time in the 16th century, when meat was very expensive and the sausages were sold one by one, as they are today, it was simply good for business to make them smaller. That way, the same amount of raw material gave more sausages, so that the Nuremberg butchers could get up to six times as much for their wares than other Franconian butchers.

As a specialty with protected region of origin, the original Nuremberg Rostbratw├╝rste may only be produced in this town - but of course, there's nothing speaking against consuming the tasty small sausages anywhere you want.

I purchased the sausages at ALDI.  
I simply browned these tasty little sausages in the skillet with a little oil over medium high heat until they were heated through and nicely browned.  I added a can of undrained kraut and mixed it all together and let it simmer for about 5 minutes.  Dinner was on the table in 8 minutes!  You can't beat that!

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