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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dining Out - Southeast - Cajun Steamer

On a recent trip to Trussville, I was treated to a late afternoon respite at the Cajun Steamer located at at the Pinnacle. Surprisingly, it was very comfortable for late August and we chose to sit outside on the patio.

I started with a Citrus Martini. I neglected to write down the description of this lovely drink, but it wasn't as tart as a Lemon Drop Martini.  Very refreshing!

My dining companion chose Crawfish Enchiladas:  Creamy crawfish rolled into two flour tortillas then topped with a rich crawfish cheese sauce.  $9.95.  Not a lot of seasoning on these.  They could have used a good dose of spice.

However, the spice level on my Crawfish Etouffee was very good!  Crawfish tails mixed with a golden seasoned roux over white rice. $9.95

Service was acceptable. They need to work on the consistency of the spice / seasoning level of their dishes. No dessert on this trip.

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