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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dining Out Southeast - Pasquale's Pizza, Boaz, AL

If you're not familiar with Pasquale's, or if you are and don't know the history behind this great pizza restaurant, follow this link:  http://theoriginalpasquales.com/story.htm

Here's the link to the Pasquale's that I frequent: http://pasqualespizzapasta.com/ with a menu for you to review!

They offer a wide variety of pizzas with all the regular topping choices, as well as, a buffet with different pizza choices, pastas with assorted sauces, and a salad bar.

I've loved their pizzas and sandwiches for years. But the real draw for Pasquale's for me is their Giant Loaf of Garlic Bread. If you go for no other reason, get the garlic bread.

For this semi-birthday meal, I was craving a plain Italian Sausage Pizza. Not a loaded pizza with all sorts of meats and veggies....I just wanted an Italian Sausage Pizza. As always, it was delicious and served hot straight from the pizza oven.

The crust is thin and crunchy, the sauce is in great proportion to the crust and toppings and cheese. This is probably my favorite pizza of all time. And that is saying a lot.

On the downside, this particular Pasquale's can best be described as a dive pizza joint. If you don't mind crowded booths, a line for the buffet that snakes through the dining room and 98% of the time having to wait on an employee to clean tables so you'll have a place to sit, then I promise you'll have a great pizza and an even better loaf of garlic bread.

Did I mention their large selection of sandwiches? Anything chosen from that selection will be delicious!

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