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Monday, October 26, 2015

An Evening with Edgar

This year's Halloween dinner will be "An Evening with Edgar" Allan Poe. Each portion of the menu will be based on one of his works. I have spent a LOT of time on this table setting. This one was definitely a labor of love, because the more things that came to mind, it seems that led down different paths to complete the theme even more. Of course, candlelight dining is a must for this meal.

Let's start with my place setting. The dinner plates were a great find on eBay. The square silver chargers and personal soup tureens/saucers were purchased at Old Time Pottery. I have collected inkwells for years so each place setting has their own personalized ink well with a quill from Hobby Lobby. The crystal martini/water/wine glasses are in regular rotation for our meals. I've had those for years. The port glasses were estate sale finds. The silver spoon and fork were estate sale purchases as well.

The Dollar Tree provided MANY ravens that are perched here and there. These four decided they wanted to be able to get a "bird's eye view" of the diners.

And here is a close up of the ink well place setting marker. I used a vintage handwriting font to print these on the computer on parchment style paper.

Hobby Lobby had these gorgeous HEAVY wooden ravens.

See the raven peaking around the birdcage while he stops to rest on the two white mini pumpkins? The metal birdcage is from Hobby Lobby and the miniature raven is from Dollar Tree. The glass cloche was found at an antique mall. The red heart is a Christmas ornament I've had for over 30 years.

A close up shot of the birdcage. Did I mention the wee little raven is motion activated. He has no problem giving loud CAWS every time he picks up any movement in the room.

And here's the timid raven...

And the cloche...

Now here is the section of the table where I had the most fun. One of my antique silver trays holds all sorts of "Poe worthy" goodies. An elaborate black 5 x 7 frame from Hobby Lobby is the perfect setting for a computer printed picture of Mr. Poe. Another antique ink well with a gorgeous midnight black plumed quill (Hobby Lobby) placed beside a parchment note addressed to "Lenore." Poe loved to play chess so a couple of chess pieces were added. The hour glass is from World Market and the Galileo thermometer has been around my house for years.

Now a picture without the flash, taken solely by candlelight.

Now here we are at the table where the food will be served. The black and dark purple flowers were purchased at Old Time Pottery and Dollar Tree. 

This antique silver tray will hold a selection of cured meats for our appetizer portion of the meal. If you've not read the Pit and the Pendulum you need to do so to understand the significance of the black rats waiting patiently at the tray.

The antique typewriter has been stored in my garage. A downloaded antique typewriter font was used to type out the menu.

Another printed photo of Mr. Poe with many of the titles of his most famous works written in the background.  A few of Harold's antique corkscrews were added to the table along with two wooden Black Cats!

Please take a few moments and let me know how you like this one!

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