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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Autumn Appetizer Tray

For last Sunday's dinner, I thought a cheese and fruit tray would be a nice change of pace. A mixed bag of Fall colored Fiestaware saucers mimics the beautiful color of Fall leaves. A wooden serving tray/bowl from World Market was appropriate for the cheese and fruit.

In the center bowl, is a nice "Sweet Cajun Mix" of peanuts, honey roasted AND Cajun sesame sticks, almonds, and corn nuggets. Sweet and spicy in each bite.

Now for our cheeses: 

At the bottom of the tray is a delicious cranberry white cheddar. Delicate cheddar blended with the tartness of the cranberries makes for a wonderful cheese paired with grapes and pears.

The crackers are Town House Focaccia crackers. They're sturdy enough to hold a nice slice of cheese and the flavor is amazing. Next up is Chèvre, a goat cheese having a unique tart and earthy flavor. This one is a semi-soft cheese. Now add some lovely dark purple grapes to that tray!


We'll move on around from the grapes to one of the best new cheeses I've tried in a LONG time. Morel Mushroom & Leek Monterey Jack cheese has an earthy flavor from the morel mushrooms complimented by leek onions and the creamy and buttery flavor of the monterey jack. I purchased this one at Publix and eaten bite for bite with Bosc pear....Oh my.  

A thinly sliced baguette finished out the appetizer tray. Seriously, I think this would do just fine as DINNER one night.

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