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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dining Out - New Orleans area - Middendorf's

While visiting New Orleans last weekend, we took a short drive out of the city to Middendorf's for s their legendary thin fried catfish. Please take a few minutes and check out their website http://middendorfsrestaurant.com/ The restaurant is located in Manchac, Louisiana and was originally opened in 1934.  

The crowds were there in full force by 12:30 p.m. By the time we finished eating, there were people waiting outside! That always speaks well of a restaurant.
I've heard locals speak of their catfish delicacies and onion rings for years. I'm thrilled that we were finally able to go see what all the chatter was about and doubly thrilled that longtime friends met us there for lunch!

So let's start with those onion rings, shall we?

Thick sliced, with extremely crunchy breading, these were served piping hot. The large order, pictured above, is $6.25. A small order is $4.50. I enjoyed mine with ketchup and lots of Crystal hot sauce mixed in!

I love trying different restaurants' versions of gumbo. I chose their shrimp gumbo. A cup is $4.90/ bowl $7.00. The roux was very dark and rich. Sometimes, the cups (or bowls) of gumbo that are served in restaurants are WAY heavy on the rice and very light on the gumbo. Not this cup. As you can see, there's a perfect proportion of gumbo to rice. No crackers of bread needed here. This was some of the best gumbo I've ever ordered in a restaurant.

Now, on to the main event! Bring on some of that thin fried catfish....

I will try to describe this platter of fried catfish. The fillets are lightly breaded in cornmeal and fried to the exact moment of perfection. They weren't greasy in the least and each bite was better than the last. I understand now why their catfish is considered legendary. A small order $13.45 / large order $16.45. Served with cole slaw (crunchy/slightly sweet), fries and hush puppies.

And now to the combination platters.

Shrimp and oyster platter $17.50

Catfish and shrimp platter $16.45

I ordered the catfish and oyster platter $17.25. The oysters were cooked "just" to the point of excellent crispness without being greasy or overcooked. 

If you are ever in New Orleans, please take a short drive to Middendorf's and enjoy the atmosphere and the beauty of Southern Louisiana along with a delicious meal.


  1. We've been there a few times. We love going to New Orleans to eat, shop and bum around. We live in Mississippi.

    The catfish is awesome. And, I usually only like freshwater bass that we catch.

  2. We certainly enjoyed our meal!