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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summer Olympics 2016 - Beverage Selection

World Market provided assistance with my beverages choices for the Brazilian theme Olympic meal. I'm not much of a beer drinker, and definitely don't choose the darker versions when I do.

Palma Louca was the brand I chose to go along with the beef and bean empanadas for the appetizer portion of the meal.

It was very light with a crisp taste, but very little carbonation. It was okay for what I needed (a Brazilian beer on the table!), but I wouldn't purchase again.

Now on to the wine portion of the meal!

No Brazilian wines to be found, so we went to the motherland of Portugal. These two choices were spot on. I would purchase both of them again. And again. 

I served the Vila Nova Vinho Verde with the hearts of palm salad. Perfection. This wine was a mixture of a dry white and a light fizz! Very light and refreshing with citrus flavors.

Next up I knew I needed a wine that would stand up again the bold flavors of the grilled flank steak. Vila Nova Douro Red has a dark, deep, ruby red color and rich flavor. Not only did it compliment the grilled beef, it was a true pairing for the chocolate truffles for dessert.

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