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Sunday, December 4, 2016

King's Olive Oil Company

I am very excited to announce that Fleur de Lolly is partnering with King's Olive Oil Company!  

If you're ever been interested in learning more about the health benefits of olive oils and vinegars, I urge you to visit their website. According to their website, King’s Olive Oil Company offers an incredible array of flavors from around the world, including Italy, Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Chile, and Australia. The oils range from Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils to fused/infused flavored oils and specialty oils. They also feature Italy’s finest aged and flavor-fused balsamic vinegars. The flavors range from Traditional to red apple, fig, espresso, peach, tangerine, chocolate, and honey Serrano.

You can see how excited I am to be able to sample these wonderful products and cook a wide variety of dishes from appetizers, marinades, soups, all the way to desserts. I hope you'll check back often for blog posts utilizing these delicious products.   

With the holiday season quickly approaching, a visit to King's Olive Oil Company's website can make your shopping a breeze.  Call or email and the trained employees of King's will be able to answer any questions you may have and suggest a number of pairings which will suit all tastes.

You can also find King's on Facebook!

Let's get cooking!

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