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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Snowman Table for the Kiddos!

I have SO much fun decorating the kids' table with each change of the season or holidays. Now that we're entering the cold days of January, what better theme than snow men and snow women?  

I've had most of the items on this table for years and it's fun to add a new item or two each year to blend in with the old.

The chargers and plates (salad plate size) came from Hobby Lobby. The smaller sized plates are perfect for the little ones.

The small glasses are from a promotional give away at Long John Silvers YEARS AGO!  Does anyone remember those?

I've forgotten where I purchased the table runner!  

The salt and pepper shakers, cookie jar, and candle holders are all from Hobby Lobby. The candle holders are open in the back for a tea light candle to shine through the openings in the front.

A quick search of clip art patterns provided the snow couple for the place cards. The snowflake card holders were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Even though this is the children's table, I know a few adults (myself included!) that would love to dine at this table.

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