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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dining Out Gulf Coast: Indian Pass Raw Bar, Port St. Joe, FL

Last week while vacationing in Mexico Beach, FL for a few days, we took a road trip down 30-A. This area just east of Port St. Joe, FL is referred to as the "Forgotten Coast."  Around 1903, turpentine mills were prevalent around these parts. This trading post was used as a commissary/company store. Soon, noon meals were being served and through the years it transitioned to being the Indian Pass Raw Bar.

If you're searching for an extremely casual, friendly spot to eat delicious oysters and spend a fine afternoon enjoying your vacation, head over here.

You walk in the front door to see a large cooler display against the back wall. To the left is where the magic (food prep) happens. To the right, you'll just need to choose a table. Select a beverage from the cooler in the back, head to a table and have a seat. You'll notice two sheets of paper on the table. One sheet has all the drink selections listed. Simply mark the selection you have...keep the sheet and continuing marking your selection as the afternoon progresses. It's all on the honor system here!

The other sheet has the menu items which you'll mark and note your name at the top. The server will pick up your order and return with your food in a very timely fashion!

I started out with the gumbo. I love trying gumbos during our travels because each one is unique. This bowl was rich and thick with shrimp and okra. Sleeves of crackers are on the table ready to be opened and enjoyed with your oysters or, in this case, my gumbo. There are various hot sauces ready to be tried as well.

Just as I with trying new gumbos, Sweet Harold always wants to taste the cole slaws. This one passed his test with flying colors. He rated it as the best one of the entire week. That's saying something. He description? "The perfect ratio of cabbage to dressing, with a crisp, fresh taste."

There are several options for oysters here. We tried both baked and raw. This order was topped with LOTS of butter and Parmesan and placed under the broiler. Yum.  

A dozen raw on the half shell was next up. Served with a generous portion of horseradish, ketchup, and lemons for mixing up your own concoction for topping these beauties if you so desire.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed that Sweet Harold had also marked the box next to the "corn dog basket." I questioned why on earth at a raw bar no less he would order a corn dog basket. His response, "I like corn dogs." That being said, he was very pleased with his order.

The next time you're in this neck of the woods, take a little road trip and enjoy an afternoon spent at the Indian Pass Raw Bar.

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