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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Food Memories, Part I

Instead of a recipe this morning, I'm remembering some of the adventures Sweet Harold and I have shared over the years. I hope you enjoy my mental meanderings.

What's the best food memory you have from your travels? For me, I have two. In 2004, Sweet Harold and I ran away from home for 24 days. We drove to California. We drove until we were tired, ate when we were hungry, stopped at any roadside attraction that caught our fancy. It was an awesome trip. I kept a journal and reading back through my entries is always a treat. Of course, I kept detailed notes on the food we enjoyed on the way.

Anyway, my two favorite food memories from that trip are:

9/20/04 The Beach House Restaurant in Laguna Beach, CA. We shared bruschetta and lobster bisque. Harold had a mixed seafood dish which included halibut, shrimp, clams, mussels, and crab legs. I had Pacific prawns stuffed with crab and lobster with Au gratin potatoes. We sat on an outdoor deck at sunset and watched the surfers down below catching the last waves of the day. My plate had a beautiful orchid resting on the edge. I dried the flower on the dashboard of the car as we drove the Nevada desert. It rests in my curio cabinet in the living room.

9/17/04 The Turquoise Room at La Posada. This hotel was built in 1929 as a stop on the Santa Fe Railroad. Many Hollywood stars stayed there in the '40's and '50's while they were touring. We stayed in the Frank Sinatra room. Our dinner was the following:

We shared a Squash Blossom Quesadilla: whole wheat tortilla filled with squash blossoms, grilled squash, roasted corn, locally made jalapeno jack and cheddar Colby goat cheeses served with fresh tomato salsa. We also had their signature soup which is cream of corn and smooth black beans served side by side in the bowl and topped with a signature red chili sauce.

Harold had elk medallions w/a blackcurrant Cassis sauce along with a wild mushroom and corn flan with fresh vegetables. I had a premium Angus Prime Rib served with horseradish cream, fresh vegetables, and baked potato.

We shared a bread pudding with raspberries and a prickly pear sauce.

Thanks for humoring me as I reminisced.

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