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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Cheese Night!

Oh, my, y'all know my love of cheese! I'll try any and all. Here's a true international variety. BTW, the Belgian Fontina was most definitely my favorite. Fontina is an Italian's cow's milk cheese. Mild and creamy, this was SO good with these crunchy whole-grain crackers.   

Some nights, especially after you've had a large lunch, a light supper is perfect.  A choice of different flavors and textures of crackers is a nice touch. Add a few varieties of olives and your light meal is elevated to another level.  

Instead of my usual prosciutto and/or salami selection, this time I chose a Bresaola. Bresaola is air-dried salted beef that has been aged two or three months until it becomes hard and turns a dark red, almost purple color. It is made from top inside round beef and is lean and tender.  It originated in Northern Italy's Lombardy region.  Try it drizzled with a little olive oil and topped with freshly cracked black pepper or shaved Parmesan.

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