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Friday, March 16, 2018

Cheese and Fruit Night

Do you like boldly flavored cheeses?  As in, HOT, spicy cheese? If so, this was the cheese platter for you.  I found a package of three kinds of cheese which went from hot, hotter, to hottest.  

It's fun to try different brands and flavors. These three were definitely different and we loved all of them. A word of caution though. Cut SMALL slices of these to add to your cheese board. 

We started with a few nibbles of the Red Hot Pepper. So far, so good.  With each had a little bite of roasted turkey and/or fruit or olives between the cheeses cleansed the palate to try the next selection, Sweet Heat Habanero. A definite change in heat level! 

The Ghost Pepper is an exceptionally hot pepper. Blended into the cheese tames the heat somewhat, but it will still definitely get your attention. Take small bites.

I had two types of olives served alongside the cheese plate. Parmesan Romano stuffed olives and lemon rind stuffed olives. Regular readers of the blog know of my well-known love of all things lemon. You know which ones I went to first.  

A little information on the wine:  Petite Sirah is known for its concentration and intensity, the 2015 vintage is no exception. Inky purple in the glass, this deeply colored wine resonates with juicy blueberries and hints of freshly turned earth. Succulent and savory notes of dark berries and roasted spices create a supple and mouth-filling texture. Aging in American oak for 12 months captures and concentrates the flavors, leading to a finish with chalky and chewy tannins laced with vanilla, toasted brown sugar and dark cocoa.
Pairs well with smoked lamb shoulder with rosemary, braised short ribs with blackberry barbecue sauce, and smoked Gouda cheese.  I thoroughly enjoyed it alongside our spicy cheese platter.

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