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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fish and Chips Jamie Oliver style

This dish was just lovely.  Lovely to look at and even better to eat!  Jamie Oliver delivered with this recipe.  The addition of the whipped egg whites transformed the run of the mill heavy batter we're used to into a light, fluffy coating for cod. 

We'll start with the "chips":

2 pounds russet potatoes, washed, peeled and cut into strips 
Vegetable Oil
Sea Salt

Soak the potatoes in a large bowl with cold water for an hour or so.  Drain the water and carefully pat the potato slices dry.  Pour the oil into a deep fryer to the fill line and heat to 300 degrees.  In batches, blanch the potatoes in the oil until soft, but not colored, about 4 minutes.  Remove and drain on a rack positioned over a baking pan.

While the potatoes rest, we'll cook the fish!

1 cup plain flour
1 cup beer (I used Newcastle Ale)
2 egg whites, whipped to soft peaks
4 (8 - 9 oz.) cod or haddock fillets (rinse and pat them dry)

Mix together the flour and beer.  Fold in egg whites.  Increase the heat in the fryer to 350 degrees.  Dip the fish in the batter and fry for a few minutes until golden brown.  Drain the fish fillets on a rack over a baking pan.

In batches, finish frying the potato slices until until brown and crunchy. 

Season with the fish and potatoes with salt and serve.

And we enjoyed some nice Malt Vinegar with the fish as well!

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