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Friday, January 25, 2013

Alabama Style Gravy for Biscuits

There are as many recipes for gravy for biscuits as there are recipes for chicken and dressing.  And as usual, for most family made-from-habit recipes it's very difficult to measure and get the amounts "just right."  Here's my attempt to give a recipe for this family favorite.

1/4 cup bacon grease (left in the skillet after frying your bacon for breakfast, of course)
1/4 cup self rising flour
2 cups whole milk (if you're used to drinking 1% or skim milk you're probably not eating bacon and gravy and biscuits for breakfast)
black pepper

I'm assuming you still have your bacon grease in the skillet.  Heat it over low heat in a large skillet.

Add flour and whisk it into the flour.  Add 6 - 8 grinds of black pepper.

Stir until the flour is about the color of peanut butter.  At this point, add 1 cup of the milk and increase heat to medium high.  Stirring constantly, bring to a gentle boil.

Continue stirring constantly and add milk by quarter or half cups until gravy has thickened considerably.  Taste and add salt if you need it and additional pepper if you want more of a kick.

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