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Sunday, February 16, 2014

February Forks and Corks Dinner at King's Olive Oil Company

We enjoyed a wonderful Valentine's meal at King's Olive Oil Company at their monthly Forks and Corks Dinner which was a five course meal with a Night in Paris theme. 

We began the first course with Charcuterie Plate consisting of country pate, a course grain/Dijon mustard blend, cornichons, pickled shallots, pork rillettes, fig preserves and toasted country bread.  This was a wonderful beginning to the meal. Each bite complimented the other.

Second course:  Crepes with blue cheese sauce, walnuts and argulua toasted with walnut oil and sprinkled with blue cheese crumbles.  The sauce was smooth and velvety.  There was just enough blue cheese to enhance the sauce and was not overwhelming.

Third Course:  French Onion Soup.  Perfectly seasoned with a nicely toasted bread slice topped with melty Swiss cheese.

Fourth Course:  Pork tenderloin stuffed with kale and bacon with an apple Reisling sauce served with roasted apples and potatoes which were the perfect accompaniment to the pork tenderloin.

Fifth Course:  Parmesan Creme Brulee with balsamic berries.  This was heaven in a ramekin.  

Chef JP Pendergrass certainly outdid himself with this wonderful Valentine's Dinner.  We are eagerly looking forward to his next meal served at Forks and Corks.

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