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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jim 'n Nick's - Trussville, Alabama

As regular readers of the blog know, I adore BBQ.  And yes, my personal preference is that MY BBQ oinks instead of moo or clucks.

Jim 'n Nick's BBQ is at the top of my list for BBQ restaurant.  Plus, it meets Lolly's three criteria for an authentic BBQ joint:  1) Piles of hickory wood outside the restaurant; 2) Smoke wafting around the surrounding area; 3) that delicious aroma as soon as you open your vehicle door that pulls you inside.

We were greeted and seated promptly.  Catherine was our server and she was perfect.  She was very knowledgeable of the menu and pointed out new items that had recently been added.  

Here's what we enjoyed yesterday:

Cheddar Cheese Biscuits are delivered to the table almost immediately so you can enjoy a little nibble while checking out the menu.

One of the new menu items is their version of Nashville Hot Chicken.  These little bites of SPICY HOT chicken are served with pickle slices and white bread.  Hot, yes, but not so hot that you can't enjoy them.

Sweet Harold chose the BBQ Brisket Sandwich.  A new menu item is the homemade chips with BBQ seasoning.  He loved both.

My choice was the Loaded BBQ Baker:  A large baked potato topped with our smoked meats, bacon, cheddar, scallions, butter, sour cream and bar-b-q sauce.  Doesn't that look DELICIOUS???

I chose the Chocolate Pie for dessert.   All pies at Jim 'n Nick's are made under the direction of Mable Washington.  Miss Mable, this chocolate pie is as close to my grandmother's as I've ever had.  Thanks for taking me back to my childhood with this delicious slice of pie.

And Sweet Harold devoured his Coconut Cream Pie.  

My goal is to enjoy every item on the menu....Yum.

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