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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dining Out - Southeast: Rattlesnake Saloon, Tuscumbia Alabama

Fleur de  Lolly is road tripping this weekend and mid-afternoon found us in Tuscumbia, Alabama near the Rattlesnake Saloon. A beautiful Fall afternoon seemed the perfect time to take the opportunity to check out this place.

I loved the pumpkin greeting us before we walked down the STEEP hill to reach the Saloon.

A quaint resting spot was provided about halfway down the path.

Now doesn't that look inviting?  Native Americans lived in this area and this was one of their most popular spots as well.

 Dining area under the huge outcropping of rock.

There's even a bandstand for local bands to perform.

The menu offers chicken fingers, sandwiches and burgers along with a lot of "cutesy" named appetizers or nibbles to enjoy.  We will try the main menu another time.  This afternoon we snacked.

Snake Eyes & Tails - fried sliced jalapenos peppers and fried green beans with dipping sauce $5.00

Bronco Bits - tangy fried dill pickle slices $5.00

 Skunk Rings - crunchy onions served with spicy dipping sauce.  $5.00

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