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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chandler Mountain Tomato Fields

There is a mountain in St. Clair County in North Alabama, known locally simply as Chandler Mountain. This mountain looks similar to any mountain in the Southern Appalachians, but one thing sets it apart. The top of Chandler Mountain was discovered to be an ideal location for growing tomatoes. In fact, it is possible to grow two, and sometimes three, crops a year.  

This week I took a day off from work, traveled the 20 miles or so to Chandler Mountain, and purchased tomatoes to can.  I thought you might enjoy seeing the mountain from the valley below and then some of the fields upon fields of tomatoes in all stages of growth from tiny tomato plants to those which were being picked even as I stopped to take a few pictures.  

Yes, way up there on the top of that mountain is where those delicious tomatoes grow!

Now we'll look down into the valley!

Now on to the tomato fields.  Look closely and you'll see the tiny little plants.

And as you drive around the top of this gorgeous mountain, there are fields everywhere!

And now the picture of the beautiful tomatoes that came home with me!

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