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Friday, July 17, 2015

It's tomato canning time!

This week was tomato canning week!  Made a short drive to pick up two boxes of Chandler Mountain tomatoes and then home to begin the canning process.

These tomatoes were very large and it took 5 of them quartered to fill a quart jar.  So to begin you need to wash and sterile your quart canning jars.  A nice cycle through the dishwasher is the perfect thing.  You will also need to wash and sterilize the rings and lids.

Bring a large pot of water to a gentle boil. Wash the tomatoes a few at a time and light score the bottom with an "X".  Drop the tomatoes a few at a time into the boiling water until the peeling begins to loosen.  Have a large bowl (or your kitchen sink) full of ice water ready.  As the tomatoes come out of the blanching water, place them in the ice water.  Core the tomatoes and, depending on the size of them, halve or quarter the tomatoes and begin to pack the jars.  Core the tomatoes over a bowl to catch the juices.

Pack the jars and add the reserved juice to the jars.  Wipe the rims and add 1 t. salt to each quart of tomatoes.  Place the lids and rings on the jars and either place in a pressure cooker or to a deep pot filled with boiling water. The water needs to cover the tops of the jars by at least 2 inches.  Process the tomatoes for 45 minutes.

Carefully remove the jars from the water bath and place in a draft free area to cool.  Listen for the "ping" as the jars seal.  Refrigerate any jars that don't seal and use with a day or two.  

Tighten the rings and store in a cool, dark place until ready to use. 

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