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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dining Out - Windsor, Ontario - Elias

Elias, 100 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, Ontario N9A 6T3 Canada

We asked for recommendations for breakfast at our hotel, and without hesitation they sent us on a short walk around the corner to Elias.  There are tables and chairs for outdoor dining as well as a spacious indoor dining area.  There were few customers on the Monday morning we were there, but we were warmly welcomed and invited to choose whichever table we liked.

Now you realize that if Lolly is in Canada she MUST have Canadian bacon for breakfast, right?

Our waiter had a very heavy French accent (beautiful by the way!) and, well, you know what accent I have.....but we discussed Canadian bacon and after I had him thoroughly confused, he determined that PEAMEAL bacon was as close to what I know as Canadian bacon that they had.

This link will give you much information about this delicious bacon.  http://realcanadianbacon.com/  

Harold selected peameal bacon, scrambled eggs and wheat toast.  The HUGE serving of fried potato cubes was a welcomed surprise.  I'm not a coffee drinker, but Harold reported that the coffee was very strong and he enjoyed the roast.  

When I saw that Eggs Benedict was one of the daily breakfast specials, my decision was made instantly.  Served with the delicious peameal bacon, I barely touched my serving of potatoes, which goes to show you how focused I was on my breakfast entree!

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