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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dining Out - Ohio - White Castle, Hamilton

So for all of my blog readers who are NOT in the Southeastern United States, this was my first time to eat at White Castle.  Our comparable restaurant would be Krystal's. So while traveling down U.S. Highway 127, and realizing it was lunchtime, this particular White Castle in Hamilton, Ohio seemed like the logical choice for lunch.

We both ordered #1 combos which were your typical four small burgers, fries and a drink.  

First the similarities to Krystal's:  Same square bun/burger, same pickles, same discrepancy on pickles (some burgers had 1 pickle; some had as many as 5), same (almost) onions.  

Now the differences:  The onions seemed to have been cooked on the flat top because they had a slight caramelizing to them that Krystal's don't have.  No mustard was added.  However, when we went to get mustard packets to add to the burgers, no yellow mustard to be found.  See picture below.  But...I do like brown spicy mustard so that wasn't a deal breaker for me.

The fries were small and crinkle cut as opposed to Krystal's small straight cut version.  I liked the crinkle cut better.  

And here was our mustard choice.  Worked just fine for me.

It was right at lunch time, there were a lot of road crew workers grabbing lunch, so there was a slight confusion over orders and our order was given to another person....even though they took names from all who ordered to shout out when the order was ready.  But that was a small issue.  They compensated by giving a free cheesecake on a stick for our "trouble." 

So...final analysis?  Krystal v. White Castle?  Same but different.  

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  1. I'd take that mustard any day. Anything called Dusseldorf has to be good, right? Krystal Burgers were always my mortal enemies because of the onion; caramelized onion on a White Castle Burger, well, that's a different kettle of fish entirely.