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Monday, May 9, 2016

2016 Kentucky Derby Table Setting

This year's table incorporated red and white table linens and lots of silver serving pieces. I'm constantly on the look out for silver pieces when wandering through antique or junk stores. Some of these pieces were found as far away as Ohio and others were rescued from dark and dusty corners of damp buildings. I'm thankful they were able to "dress up" my table for this meal!

First our menu! One of my favorite parts of having a get together is pondering the food items and then designing the menu. I don't feel that I'm very creative, but I TRY!  lol

And you really shouldn't have a Kentucky Derby party with a few red roses! Instead of a vase, I decided that using a champagne flute would continue the classy aspect of the event.

And here's the table all ready to welcome the guests and begin our party!

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