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Monday, June 13, 2016

Simply Southern Sunday Supper

Sometimes, I just want my comfort food. And Sunday Supper is the perfect time to indulge that craving. Yesterday I put on a nice pot of great northern beans with a nice ham hock. They simmered away all afternoon.

Then, some corn from the freezer which was put up last summer went into another pot.

I tried a new recipe for roasting beets and then mixing with a vinegar/Dijon mustard sauce and topping with blue cheese.  Yes!!!  They were delicious.

I fried up some salmon patties and made a cast iron skillet of cornbread. 

And for dessert? An apple cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream.  Oh yes.
This was truly a Simply Southern Sunday Supper.

1 comment:

  1. We do blackberry cobblers. Because that is what the hubby will eat. I love blueberry. Never cooked apple even though apples are easy to come by.

    Will have to try making an apple cobbler to see if he will eat it.