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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dining Out Gulf Coast: Boss Oyster, Apalachicola, Florida

My favorite restaurant in Apalachicola is Boss Oyster. Located directly on the Apalachicola River, you can dine outside or inside. But the day we visited, the weather was lovely, and we chose to sit outside.

And look at these lovely views!

Now on to the food....

Now when you're in the oyster capital, you MUST eat oysters! And considering these were enjoyed on the first day of September (an "R" month!), these were sublime. Served ice cold on the half shell, with plenty of lemons. We were also provided cups of horseradish, ketchup and lemons to mix up our own concoction to top them with if we wanted.

Sweet Harold chose the shrimp basket with fries and slaw. He gave a thumbs up to all.

I, of course, had to order the oyster basket.  I chose fries and red beans and rice as my sides.

The red beans and rice were the weak point of the meal for me. I'm not sure what they needed, but they were lacking that "something."

All in all, a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, sitting outside, enjoying wonderful oysters and experiencing the lovely view.

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