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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dining Out Gulf Coast: Toucan's, Mexico Beach, FL

This is the sunset we were privileged to enjoy while dining at Toucan's in Mexico Beach, Florida. The delicious food aside, isn't it worth visiting there to enjoy scenery like this??

Toucan's is located directly on the beach, with a playground outside for the kids, and lots of room indoors with upstairs and downstairs dining options.

It's very family friendly and spacious. If you're on the beach and decide you need a cool drink or a burger, there's direct access from the beach as well.

We started with Hot Shrimp and Crab Parmesan Dip. This dish was brought to the table still vigorously bubbling from the broiler. Rich and creamy and served with warm toasted pita bread. It was generously filled with shrimp and crab. A delightful appetizer to begin our meal.

Next up was our salads with Raspberry Vinaigrette and a loaf of freshly baked, piping hot bread. Isn't that bread lovely?

For once, Sweet Harold didn't choose the grouper, but I did! Grouper Imperial:  Grilled Gulf Grouper topped with jumbo lump crab meat and a sherry cream sauce. I ordered a side of steamed mixed vegetables. The grouper was grilled perfectly and, as you can see, there is a LOT of crab. The sherry cream sauce was nicely seasoned and the perfect accompaniment.

For this meal, Sweet Harold chose grilled shrimp. A very nice portion size here. The slaw was crisp and cold just as it should be.

Another wonderful meal at the beach!

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