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Monday, June 19, 2017

Garlicky Four Bean Salad

This is a great salad to carry to potlucks or cookouts. With no mayo to worry about, this one can stand the heat of being outdoors. A garlicky vinaigrette adds a nice change of pace from a typical bean salad.

1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1 t. sugar
1/2 t. minced garlic
salt and freshly ground black pepper
12 oz. fresh green beans (cut into 2-inch pieces)
1 can chickpeas (16 oz.) rinsed and drained
1 can red kidney beans (16 oz.) rinsed and drained
1 can yellow wax beans (14.5 oz) rinsed and drained
1/2 cup finely chopped celery
1/2 cup finely chopped red onion
1/2 cup chopped parsley

Whisk together the oil, vinegar, sugar, garlic, salt, and pepper.

To prepare the green beans, you have a few options.  You can blanch the green beans in boiling, salted water until crisp-tender, 3-4 minutes and then transfer to a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking process, then drain.

OR, you can do as I did and buy a 12 oz. bag of ready to cook (steam) green beans, cut a slit in the bag, microwave for the time instructed on the bag and THEN cut the green beans into 2-inch pieces.

Combine the cooked green beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, wax beans, celery, red onions, and parsley in a bowl; toss with the vinaigrette.  Cover and chill until ready to serve.

Adapted from Cuisine at Home Issue No. 124

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