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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Dining Out Southeast: Plaid Rhino, Hattiesburg, MS

We traveled last weekend to New Orleans for a few days. We spent the night in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and after checking into the hotel for the evening, we were ready for dinner. There were the usual chain restaurants located near the hotel. Then, we spied a sign: Plaid Rhino..

Now what is a Plaid Rhino? We debated for about a minute and then thought why not? I am so glad we decided to eat here. We were happily greeted and promptly seated.

Don't you love those glasses? And yes, we were encouraged to them with us when we finished our meal.

Harold ordered a Yuengling and I had a margarita on the rocks.

Our server was excellent and offered so many suggestions and answered all of our questions about the menu. When she realized it was our first time to visit, she quickly arrived at the table with a complimentary order of fried dill pickles with "comeback sauce." The menu lists them at $6.00. They were served piping hot, were extra crunchy, and the sauce lived up to its menu boast of "the best in town!"

There was a large crowd of college students who arrived and their order was placed before ours. The manager came by the table to tell us he didn't want us hungry while we waited on our order.....so he offered another choice of appetizer!

We chose the fried green tomatoes with Remoulade sauce. I loved the crunch on these and, once again, these were served piping hot! No heat lamp had been baking these for awhile. The sauce was spicy and perfect!  $6.00

If this wasn't enough......our server appeared and informed us that the manager wanted us to try the Crawfish Pepper jack Soup!  Cup $4.00 Bowl $7.00. Oh, my goodness. Imagine a cup full of spicy pepper jack cheesy goodness filled with crawfish and vegetables! Amazing goodness.

Trust me, this was enough food. We should have cancelled our burger orders!  Not!!! Especially when I realized they are all cooked over a wood fire grill.

Harold threw caution to the wind and ordered the Bom PC Burger. $13.00 Here's the menu description:

8 oz. Certified Angus Beef burger, grilled to your liking (he requested medium), smothered with sauteed onions and mushrooms, and covered with cheddar cheese, pepper jack, and applewood smoked bacon.  He chose sweet potato fries as his side. He loved it although it was almost too much for him to finish (but look what we had already been served!!).

And I chose the Plaid Burger, $9.00.  8 oz. Certified Angus Beef burger, grilled to your liking. Comes fully dressed with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and pickles. I ordered mine well done. It was perfect for me.

Some of the other burger choices offered were Elk, Bison, and Ostrich!!!

The menu includes po'boy sandwiches, pastas, a wide variety of salads, steaks, and seafoods!  I know where we will be stopping on repeat visits through Hattiesburg!

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