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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dining Out New Orleans: Cafe Fleur de Lis

We're always ready to try new restaurants. If we're wandering around the French Quarter in New Orleans there are always dozens of places to choose from. After a lazy Friday afternoon stroll, we found ourselves on the French Market end of the Quarter and spied Cafe Fleur de Lis at 91 French Market Place. 

There were a few tables located right outside the door on the sidewalk area, but we decide to go inside to dine.

The tables are fairly closely spaced inside to make good use of the area. There's a large, well-stocked bar with seating. Notice the "Bloody Mary Bar" notation on the sign above? When asked, our server encouraged us to try the one pictured below. That is a very large iced tea style glass filled with a "just the right kick" Bloody Mary. But wait, there's more! Slices of lemon and lime, a skewer with pepperoncini peppers and VERY large olives, pickled okra, spicy green beans, a strip of smokey bacon, and two large grilled shrimp! It was an appetizer in a glass and quite the bargain at $10.50. Our drinks garnered a lot of attention when they were brought to our table. So much so that we had to wait a few minutes to try them because people came over to take pictures!

Sweet Harold was finally ready to enjoy a po'boy and ordered a shrimp version here. The shrimp were well seasoned and the po'boy was served dressed which means lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayonnaise. It was served with house-cut fried potatoes.  $11.25

I ordered one of the daily specials: chicken and sausage gumbo. A very dark, rich roux with an ample portion of chicken and sausage. A few slices of freshly toasted French bread were served alongside.  $10.25

Service was very prompt and attentive. I neglected to note our server's name, but she is a definite asset to the owners. 

If you ever find yourself enjoying the French Market in New Orleans, PLEASE do yourself a favor and cross over to try some of the great items on their menu.


  1. The Bloody Mary would be my entire meal! Happily!!

  2. When our server delivered these to the table, she smiled and said, "Enjoy your appetizer!" LOL