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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 Table Setting

I have several dear friends who are always on the lookout for me to add to my collection of Hull Brown Drip Dinnerware and Pottery Collection. Their efforts are not going unrewarded. I made the decision that this year's Thanksgiving table will feature some of the finds they're made for me this year.

Doesn't the brown tones pair wonderfully with the warm Fall colors of the table linens? I was thrilled at how lovely the table came together.

The crystal goblets are from my wedding way back in 1979. They're been packed away for years and when I chose the Hull for the place settings, I knew they would be PERFECT.

There were TWO of these lovely pitchers found this year! Lucky me, now I have one for each end of the table!

These salt and pepper shakers were my paternal great-grandmother's!

Do you think she EVER could have imagined that her great-granddaughter would be posting a picture of not only her salt and pepper shakers, but of HER?  She died in 1956, five years before I was born. I treasure these little turkeys.  Hard to believe they have survived all these years.

And last but not least, how better to celebrate Turkey Day than with turkey napkin rings!

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  1. The table setting is gorgeous!! Love the S&P and the GGM story; she must have been a wonderful woman!